Things are going well.
I feel healthy.
I feel happy.
I feel secure.
I feel safe.
I feel loved.
Life is so, so beautiful, it only just took me a long time to really believe this.

time to discover

it’s time for me to grow and heal
it’s time for me to fly and find my freedom

i have dreams to live
it’s time for me to love
it’s time for me to wander and travel the world
it’s time to seek simple understanding
it’s time to trust my journey

i’m writing my story and i’m so thankful for my life
i am becoming myself and i feel okay

i feel real
my life is mine, it’s magic

i’m going to be happy and grateful
it’s time for me to let my life happen and be okay with my reality

i am free
i am brave
i am ordinary
and kind

everything is going to be alright
i will be okay

it’s time to believe
it’s time to let go of my doubt

it’s time to discover

you didn’t listen

i am not just pretty
i am smart
and kind
sweet as honey
and warm like the sun

but you didn’t want to
hear me
or know me

you didn’t want to listen
you didn’t want to see my soul

and i’m finally starting to see
that this is your loss
not mine


my soul yearns for that time
i wish i knew how lucky i was then

everything was so simple
and beautiful
and pure
i was beautiful and simple and pure

and then my world crumbled
it was singlehandedly destroyed

i swore it would never happen
it could never never happen to me
oh, how naive was i
to believe everything could stay beautiful forever
and that i would be safe
and happy
and protected

it wouldn’t happen to me

it hurts like hell to think of what i endured
and yet, here i am
i am living
i am okay

~ i’m gonna be okay

be gentle

please be soft with me
be kind
be gentle

i’m so sensitive
be honest
but please
please, be sweet

i need sweetness
i need warmth

i can’t stand the pain again
i already know what it feels like
to give someone
absolutely everything
i have
and to have it all
taken for granted
and unappreciated

please be gentle
oh, please be kind

~ i’m far too sweet for bitterness


i have bloomed and flourished
i have become strong
i feel beautiful
i am a woman
i am independent; i feel so great
i am happy, i am healthy
my soul is free
my soul sings every morning when i wake up
i am so grateful for my life
my life is beautiful
i am happy to be alive
i am fortunate
thank God, i am free
i deserve freedom
i am breathing
i am thriving
thank God