Things are going well.
I feel healthy.
I feel happy.
I feel secure.
I feel safe.
I feel loved.
Life is so, so beautiful, it only just took me a long time to really believe this.

time to discover

it’s time for me to grow and heal
it’s time for me to fly and find my freedom

i have dreams to live
it’s time for me to love
it’s time for me to wander and travel the world
it’s time to seek simple understanding
it’s time to trust my journey

i’m writing my story and i’m so thankful for my life
i am becoming myself and i feel okay

i feel real
my life is mine, it’s magic

i’m going to be happy and grateful
it’s time for me to let my life happen and be okay with my reality

i am free
i am brave
i am ordinary
and kind

everything is going to be alright
i will be okay

it’s time to believe
it’s time to let go of my doubt

it’s time to discover


In my view, all human beings have the potential to be incredible and loving people if they simply chose to be kind.

I wish everyone knew how great their lives could actually be if they simply chose to treat others with kindness. They’d be happier and healthier. They’d sleep better. They’d feel the warmth. They’d expand; their souls would grow.

I wish people valued respect and compassion more. It would make the world a much more peaceful place.

Compassion changes everything. It makes everything so much more beautiful. I wish everyone could feel the pure joy that I and many others experience from being kind to others. I wish everyone knew how great it feels to help other humans. It’s a feel like no other. It’s incredible.

It feels so good. It makes my soul bloom. I feel so good when I show others love.

It really doesn’t matter how physically attractive, wealthy or intelligent you are if you cannot extend kindness. None of that matters, and yet, we become so concerned and caught up with it. You can be the wealthiest, smartest, most attractive person; but what does that matter if you have a hateful and sad soul? As humans, it is our duty to love each other. We lose nothing from being kind, but will gain the world.

Choose kindness, acceptance, love, inclusion, respect, compassion and warmth – today and always.


i have bloomed and flourished
i have become strong
i feel beautiful
i am a woman
i am independent; i feel so great
i am happy, i am healthy
my soul is free
my soul sings every morning when i wake up
i am so grateful for my life
my life is beautiful
i am happy to be alive
i am fortunate
thank God, i am free
i deserve freedom
i am breathing
i am thriving
thank God


an adventure of excitement and beautiful new beginnings awaits me

everything can be viewed as an important and incredible opportunity, if only we choose to view it as such

bad times can create blessings

we can learn so much from people who are different from us

everyone has so much sunshine and has a beautiful story of strength to share

smile and shine

there is is so much beauty to discover and celebrate

my hearts heals because i appreciate and accept diversity

i grow because i step outside of my comfort zone

i can learn so much from simple and ordinary people

our lives change from being kind and challenging ourselves to realize and remember how lucky we are to know and love others