time to discover

it’s time for me to grow and heal
it’s time for me to fly and find my freedom

i have dreams to live
it’s time for me to love
it’s time for me to wander and travel the world
it’s time to seek simple understanding
it’s time to trust my journey

i’m writing my story and i’m so thankful for my life
i am becoming myself and i feel okay

i feel real
my life is mine, it’s magic

i’m going to be happy and grateful
it’s time for me to let my life happen and be okay with my reality

i am free
i am brave
i am ordinary
and kind

everything is going to be alright
i will be okay

it’s time to believe
it’s time to let go of my doubt

it’s time to discover

discover the possibility

trust the journey,
it will be blessed

everything will work out the way it should,
be grateful and happy

believe in yourself

stay strong and thankful

wake up with a heart full of;
and imagination

discover the possibility within yourself

spread your wings and smile – reach for the sky

remember you are alive for a perfect reason

embrace every possibility and moment of your wonderful life

realize how important you truly are

it’s okay to be ourselves

i love myself because my past made me so strong and WISE

i love making beautiful memories

it’s so important to remember where i came from and to imagine where i have yet to go

if i stay positive and real,
there is no limit to the beauty and love in my lucky and magic life

keep the joy in your heart

stay hopeful and always celebrate kindness and your journey

it will inspire people to love and live!

ordinary people & a beautiful life

ordinary people;
are beautiful blessings and make magic reality

i hope my heart can shine love
and happiness

i want to be brave
and calm
and grateful
and inspire peace and joy

i love my family,
my friends,
and my life

i feel like a dreamer of perfectly possible opportunities

i am a dreamer of adventure,
beautiful memories,
and a delightful home

i can create
and choose
a beautiful life
with peace,
and strength

i have a hopeful journey and i am wholly blessed