time to discover

it’s time for me to grow and heal
it’s time for me to fly and find my freedom

i have dreams to live
it’s time for me to love
it’s time for me to wander and travel the world
it’s time to seek simple understanding
it’s time to trust my journey

i’m writing my story and i’m so thankful for my life
i am becoming myself and i feel okay

i feel real
my life is mine, it’s magic

i’m going to be happy and grateful
it’s time for me to let my life happen and be okay with my reality

i am free
i am brave
i am ordinary
and kind

everything is going to be alright
i will be okay

it’s time to believe
it’s time to let go of my doubt

it’s time to discover

learning to believe

I wish I wasn’t so anxious and insecure. My feelings of anxiety and insecurity come out of nowhere. It’s so peculiar and embarrassing. I second-guess everything. Absolutely everything. Things could be going great for me and my brain would still find a way to make me feel scared.

It just feels SO wrong. My anxiety makes everything feel SO wrong. It makes ME feel wrong. I feel betrayed by my own brain when my anxiety hits me the hardest. I wish I didn’t have to feel like this. I’ve been mostly happy and comfortable lately, which is the scary thing. I have no real reason to currently feel anxious or insecure, but the memories of my past experiences keep lingering. They hit me SO HARD sometimes. It feels like I am living my past over again. I feel like I’m sixteen years old again and it’s so scary. I want to crawl out my skin when it happens. I don’t want to be  bitter. I don’t want to be cynical of people.

I just want to love myself completely and allow myself to really believe that other people really do love me, too. I will grow from this. I will learn from this.

you didn’t listen

i am not just pretty
i am smart
and kind
sweet as honey
and warm like the sun

but you didn’t want to
hear me
or know me

you didn’t want to listen
you didn’t want to see my soul

and i’m finally starting to see
that this is your loss
not mine


my soul yearns for that time
i wish i knew how lucky i was then

everything was so simple
and beautiful
and pure
i was beautiful and simple and pure

and then my world crumbled
it was singlehandedly destroyed

i swore it would never happen
it could never never happen to me
oh, how naive was i
to believe everything could stay beautiful forever
and that i would be safe
and happy
and protected

it wouldn’t happen to me

it hurts like hell to think of what i endured
and yet, here i am
i am living
i am okay

~ i’m gonna be okay


In my view, all human beings have the potential to be incredible and loving people if they simply chose to be kind.

I wish everyone knew how great their lives could actually be if they simply chose to treat others with kindness. They’d be happier and healthier. They’d sleep better. They’d feel the warmth. They’d expand; their souls would grow.

I wish people valued respect and compassion more. It would make the world a much more peaceful place.

Compassion changes everything. It makes everything so much more beautiful. I wish everyone could feel the pure joy that I and many others experience from being kind to others. I wish everyone knew how great it feels to help other humans. It’s a feel like no other. It’s incredible.

It feels so good. It makes my soul bloom. I feel so good when I show others love.

It really doesn’t matter how physically attractive, wealthy or intelligent you are if you cannot extend kindness. None of that matters, and yet, we become so concerned and caught up with it. You can be the wealthiest, smartest, most attractive person; but what does that matter if you have a hateful and sad soul? As humans, it is our duty to love each other. We lose nothing from being kind, but will gain the world.

Choose kindness, acceptance, love, inclusion, respect, compassion and warmth – today and always.